“We offer you presents and smiles, you deserve a Merry Christmas!”


Brand: Credit Amanet

Date: 19 November – 31 December 2012


• Increase brand awareness;

• Create a positive image among consumers;

• Increase customer loyalty;

• Promote Credit Amanet’s services.

What we have done:

• Design and copywriting, key visual and adapting for promotional materials.
• Design and responsive coding, newsletter.
• Social Media – Facebook:

1. Facebook page management (copywriting and conversation management) and Facebook Ads;

2. Tabs and photo albums for the Credit Amanet branches in the country;

3. Design for the Cover Photo and layout with the holiday schedule of the branches;

• Social Media – blog: copywrite – creating weekly articles on the company blog.
• Concept, copywriting and design for the “What you didn’t know about Gold and Silver” infographic – What you din’t know about Gold and Silver.
Online: We have increased the Facebook community in 42 days from 331 to 2.323 fans, out of which, 9.10% have created stories from the page posts;
Offline: We increased fan loyalty through the Christmas contest.

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