Social Media for “Balul Albastru 2013”


Brand: Balul Albastru. Event organised by Învingem Autismul NGO

Date: March – April 2013


• Promoting the event & informing the audience about the event in order to attract sponsors and participants;
• Attracting sponsors and representatives from companies to the event.

What we have done:

• Facebook page administration (engaging with users & publishing specific content);
• Design (Facebook Cover Photo, Event Photo, Profile Picture & post layout);
• Developing Facebook Tabs (booking form; sponsorhip form);
• Online PR;
• Organising a contest for bloggers, in order to promote the event.

The WOW:

- 12 bloggers engaged in campaign;
- 14 online articles;
- 31 Twitter mentions;
- 546 Facebook Likes;
- 209 Facebook Shares;
- 76,000 articles views;
- 57,000 unique visitors on articles.

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