At Vitantis, Shopping is Made in Dancing Rhythms


Campaign Summary

Period: October 5th, 2013


Increasing the number of visitors at Vitantis Shopping Center;

Emphasizing the idea that at Vitantis Shopping Center are the lowest prices on a wide range of products.

Strategy: Create a big event in order to increase traffic. Organize a dance contest for top dance schools in Bucharest; involving in a contextual way the commercial gallery’s tenants.

Concept: The prices dance

Slogan: At Vitantis, shopping is done in dance rhythms.


At the event 10 dance schools participate (ballroom dance and latino dance), which will compete for the grand prize – a sound system for their school.

Little dancers had to pass two tests: present a dance routine which was representative for their respective schools and the second one, where the dancers randomly picked a product which could be bought in the Vitantis Shopping Center and incorporate it in their dance routine.

What we did:

Campaign concept development

Develope key messages

Key visual development

Engaging dance schools in Bucharest and present the campaign in order to arrange their participation

Campaign implementation

PR services

Media Services : Facebook Ads , Google Adwords & Display

Jury selection

Project management


Offline: estimated event traffic: 400 people present

Online: reach for one week campaign of 448.592 users from Bucharest

Tab had 1190 visits

Facebook Ads: 305.329 hits

Google Ads: 143.263 hits

Website visitors : the article about the event had 3510 visits

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