Each type of complexion deserves perfect hydration


Brand: Moisture Match – Garnier

Date: July – August 2013


•Promoting the new Garnier, Moisture Match, creams;
•Generating impressions and buzz about the new Garnier moisturizing creams.


Garnier launched a line of moisturizing creams for different types of skin. We developed a strategy through which to educate our target audience with the help of Social Media about which product to use best for their skin type. The way we did it was to have a group of beauty bloggers. Following their reviews and the contests organized on each blog, we gathered all the online interactions under #MoistureMatchRO.

What we have done

•Campaign mechanism;
•Online campaign with 5 beauty bloggers as ambasadors;
•Facebook app to display the photos from Instagram;
•Tagboard to monitor the #moistureMatcRo hashtag.


•5 bloggers engaged in the campaign;
•12 online articles;
•15.370 unique visitors;
•19,738 views – total audience;
•177 comments on the above articles;
•88 posts on Facebook with the #MoistureMatchRo hashtag;
•83 photos on Intagram with the #MoistureMatchRo hashtag;
•17 posts on Twitter with the #MoistureMatchRo hashtag;
•25 reviews from the winners on the Garnier Facebook page.

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