Date: 9-10 October 2013

Objective: Raising awareness for Învingem Autismul Association, an NGO started in 2009 that is run by 50 volunteers.

Strategy: Promoting a social cause through a digital event, Internet & Mobile World, where the agency was a partner, handling the blogger relations and live blogging.

Concept: Butterfly 4 autism. The butterfly is a symbol of life, a symbol of the transformations a person must go through to find his balance and discover the beauty of life. It is not by accident that the butterfly is our agency’s logo, and we support the children in the Învingem Autismul Association and their passions.

Mechanism: Each photo with the butterfly logo uploaded to social networks with the campaign hash tag became a donation for the Învingem Autismul Association. The donation consists in supplies for painting and creating handmade objects.

Results: 38.000 people reached through Social Media, in two days. The supplies (watercolors, plasticine, brushes, markers, crayons) were donated by Butterfly Media Group.
Twitter campaign reach report.


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