“Help put a child with autism through school”


Date: 15 september 2012 – 13 october 2012


• Creating a favorable image within the target group;

• Generate traffic at the location;

• Awareness.

Social cause: fundraise at least 30.000 euro by the 14th of october to support the kids at the Defeat Autism center. Mobilising people to convince the authorities to support at a national level, autism services at a decent quality.

Mechanism: Donate 2 euro through SMS now, during the campaign, and “Help a chid with autism go to school!”

What we have done:

PR: organising four events in the comercial gallery at Vitantis Shopping Center, inviting jouurnalists and bloggers; sending the press release and follow-up.

Design and copywriting (key visual, adapting the messages to the promotional channels used).

Media coverage (online, TV, print, radio, indoor and outdoor).

Managing communication on Social Media channels.

Promoting the event in the shopping center’s newsletter.


PR: 61 articles, with a total audience of 1.375.700 unique visitors and 4.950.000 pageviews.

Social Media: developing a Facebook community and an increase in engagement rate by 45%. The Vitantis Shopping Center brand was mentioned in over 56 Facebook posts, that generated 5.628 likes, 236 comments and 1.060 shares, which, in turn, also had likes and comments.

Radio: announcing the campaign during interviews, that had a total audience of 1.377.000 listeners.

TV: airing the campaign spot 115 times, in 16 types of shows with a total audience of 6.668.896 viewers; 6 reports with events from the location, and anouncing in 4 shows the activities carried out with a total audience of 802.944 viewers. Click to see the campaign spot.

Print: total audience of 1.784.000 viewers.

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