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Campaign for Alpha Bank – 3 types of credit cards

Brand: Alpha Bank

Date: December 2014

Promoting 3 types of credit cards:
– AlphaCard Visa Gold
– AlphaCard Visa Credit
– AlphaCard MasterCard Credit.
Generate leads on the landing page for the product launch.

Alpha Bank has promoted 3 of his most popular credit cards on the Romanian market.

What we have done:
We have developed an online campaign, on 10 blogs, promoting 3 types of credit cards and generating new leads on the product landing page.

The WOW:
10 online articles
222.658 visits
110.112 unique visitors
6.439 social shares


Open doors week la ETAGE

Brand: ETAGE

Date: June 2014

– Increase sales and awareness in Bucharest.

Generate sales and awareness through a period of special discounts offered in the ETAGE showroom: The Open Week.

What we have done:
– Contest development;
– Creative – concept & layouts for banners, OOH designs, cover photo and flyers;
– PR – press releases;
– Facebook – content strategy, maintenance page ads;
– Google – Ads.

The WOW:
– 20 articles in online media;
– 3 articles in print media;
– 500.000+ social network impressions for the ETAGE brand.


How romanians name their cars

Brand: AutoHut

Date: April 2014

– Awareness for – online auto parts store.

Generate content and online conversation from a study on how Romanians baptize their cars at least 300 respondents, followed by a PR campaign.

What we have done:
– Contest development;
– Creative – concept & layouts online materials;
– PR – press releases;
– Facebook – content strategy, maintenance page ads;
– Google – ads.

The WOW:
– 500+ respondents;
– 8 articles on blogs.


Don’t camouflage skin redness. Treat it!

Brand: Rosaliac, La Roche-Posay

Date: January – February 2014


•Launching the new products, ‘Rosaliac’ from La Roche-Posay;
•Generate impressions and buzz about the Rosaliac range.


La Roche-Posay has launched a new product on the Romanian market to revive skin care, neutralizing redness. We have developed a strategy to point out to the public the necessity of using the right product for skin problems. Thus, the products have been tested by a number of bloggers and journalists specialized in beauty.

What we have done

•Development of campaign mechanism;
•PR campaign, using samples of the product;
•Campaign teasing with macaroons;
•Generate reviews and recommendations.


•35 online articles;
•18,000 unique visitors;
•40,000 impressions;

Spring at Le Premier

Culinary journey around the world

Date: October – November 2013

Awareness for Le Premier Restaurant – newly opened in Constanta – and retain target customers.

Strategy: Promoting the local restaurant by organizing recurring events – special themed nights with unique dishes.

Concept: Culinary journey around the world – theme nights with cuisine by Chef Patrizia.

Services: Artwork – concept & layouts, PR – press releases; Facebook – content strategy, maintenance, ads.

Results: Over 100,000 people reached with online and traditional PR. Increasing the number of fans on the Le Premier Facebook page, with 200%.


Date: 9-10 October 2013

Objective: Raising awareness for Învingem Autismul Association, an NGO started in 2009 that is run by 50 volunteers.

Strategy: Promoting a social cause through a digital event, Internet & Mobile World, where the agency was a partner, handling the blogger relations and live blogging.

Concept: Butterfly 4 autism. The butterfly is a symbol of life, a symbol of the transformations a person must go through to find his balance and discover the beauty of life. It is not by accident that the butterfly is our agency’s logo, and we support the children in the Învingem Autismul Association and their passions.

Mechanism: Each photo with the butterfly logo uploaded to social networks with the campaign hash tag became a donation for the Învingem Autismul Association. The donation consists in supplies for painting and creating handmade objects.

Results: 38.000 people reached through Social Media, in two days. The supplies (watercolors, plasticine, brushes, markers, crayons) were donated by Butterfly Media Group.
Twitter campaign reach report.


At Vitantis, Shopping is Made in Dancing Rhythms

Campaign Summary

Period: October 5th, 2013


Increasing the number of visitors at Vitantis Shopping Center;

Emphasizing the idea that at Vitantis Shopping Center are the lowest prices on a wide range of products.

Strategy: Create a big event in order to increase traffic. Organize a dance contest for top dance schools in Bucharest; involving in a contextual way the commercial gallery’s tenants.

Concept: The prices dance

Slogan: At Vitantis, shopping is done in dance rhythms.


At the event 10 dance schools participate (ballroom dance and latino dance), which will compete for the grand prize – a sound system for their school.

Little dancers had to pass two tests: present a dance routine which was representative for their respective schools and the second one, where the dancers randomly picked a product which could be bought in the Vitantis Shopping Center and incorporate it in their dance routine.

What we did:

Campaign concept development

Develope key messages

Key visual development

Engaging dance schools in Bucharest and present the campaign in order to arrange their participation

Campaign implementation

PR services

Media Services : Facebook Ads , Google Adwords & Display

Jury selection

Project management


Offline: estimated event traffic: 400 people present

Online: reach for one week campaign of 448.592 users from Bucharest

Tab had 1190 visits

Facebook Ads: 305.329 hits

Google Ads: 143.263 hits

Website visitors : the article about the event had 3510 visits

Urban Make-up – see beyond the city appearances!

Brand: Vitantis Shopping Center

Date: May 2013


• Promoting & generating traffic in Vitantis Shopping Center;
• Informing the audience about the latest beauty trends for the Summer of 2013;
• Generating feedback about Vitantis Shopping Center.

What we have done:

• Concept & copywriting of campaign;
• Organising a beauty seminar having 4 popular beauty bloggers as speakers;
• Design (Facebook Cover Photo);
• Online & offline PR.

The WOW:

• 14 online articles;
• 11,329 unique visitors on articles;
• 14,792 views on articles;
• 67 event participants.

“Test for yourself the new foundation cream, Toleriane Teint”

Client: L’Oreal Romania
Brand: Toleriane Teint, La Roche Posay

Date: March – May 2013


•Promoting the new Toleriane Teint foundation cream;
•Collecting a data base in order to develop a fast research among future consumers;
•Generating impressions, buzz and word of mouth actions about the launch of the new Toleriane Teint foundation creams.

What we have done

Online campaign with 6 beauty bloggers as ambassador. The ambassadors wrote an article about sensitive skin, a product review, and organized two competitions – one for the beauty bloggers and one for readers. The contest for readers was as follows: each reader who wishes to participate will leave one one of the ambassador’s blog, a review of their motivation to test new Toleriane Teint foundation. The contest for bloggers was as follows: those who wish to participate in the competition will have to write an article on their website / personal blog about sensitive skin care or the use of products / background foundation for sensitive skin, then leave a comment with the link of the article that they wrote on the blog of one of the ambassadors, fill out the contest entry form, by clicking the link published by the same ambassador. Only articles that will also be linked in comments will be taken into consideration. The bloggers who win the contest will be able to organize their own competitions for their readers. All winners will receive Toleriane Teint products.


•47 bloggers engaged in the campaign;
•82 online articles;
•28,410 unique visitors;
•886 comments on the above articles;
•83,270 views – total audience.

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