We are an integrated communication agency. We like working online and offline as well, because the right mix of ingredients gives the best results. Our team’s mission is to be efficient and innovative in service for the brands we work for.

We are young, enthusiastic, flexible and creativity defines us even in the smallest details. And we know that work is the key to success.

Why Butterfly?

The butterfly symbolizes the freedom of the human spirit. Lovely, magical and endowed with the gift of transformation, the butterfly also represents the richness of the human imagination.

Why our agency?

• In the local communication market, especially in online, but not only, there is a need for integration and coordination between two or more non-standard channels (Creative, Digital, PR & BTL) to achieve the purpose of business of the person who ordered communication approach.

• Our agency has the expertise to provide this type of integration for the best results. This is our differentiator and we share both the risks and benefits of this business philosophy.

Since 2014 the Butterfly Media Group team has been specializing in online projects targeting woman audience. We’ve recently built and developed the first ever B2B Glam Platform in Romania, www.DigitalGlamour.com, that connects brands with bloggers and journalists which create content for feminine online audiences.

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